Most repair service providers offer one-stop solutions to their client’s needs. Additionally, they have the perfect knowledge of the prevalent issues that are common with electronic gadgets thereby assemble expert teams to address them. Moreover, the continued use of laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones may lead to wear and tear to the hardware and software components of these electronic gadgets. As a result, there are very common repair issues that occur in the professional repair service which includes;

Operating system installation


It is very common to find customers who request for operating system installation on a daily basis. This is because some buy laptops or PCs or Desktops without having prior knowledge of how to install these key applications. Therefore, professional repair service providers assist clients with new or existing system applications and upgrades which enhance the functionality of the gadgets. The most common Operating systems installed are Windows XP or Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 and Apple Mac Operating system. Additionally, these services providers install other core applications such as Microsoft Suite, Browsers among others.

Anti-virus software installation

It is also common to find clients who wish to have anti-software products installed on their laptop, desktop or phones. This serves to prevent data damage or protect the transfer and spread of software that will damage or slow down the functionality of the Operating systems. The anti-virus software features ensure that the electronic device is protected from dangerous viruses, malware or spyware that may occur into the system of a gadget.

Data management

Frequently, customers request for data backup or data transfer services. This enables them to manage their data in a secure and centralized position. Moreover, repair service experts encounter requests to retrieve erased data or data within a damaged laptop, phone, desktop CPU or a tablet. This repair service facilitates data management from device to device or external devices.

Hardware replacements

An electronic gadget is assembled into two components which are hardware and software. Due to continued use or accidental pressure, the hardware which makes the external part of the device may become damaged hence requires repair. The most common hardware replacements involve cracked screens, power jacks replacements, broken or misplaced buttons, un-functional keypads, faulty speakers or earpieces among other common hardware issues.

Booting issues


It is also common to find devices that need repair in issues that regard their booting processes. These issues mostly involve issues with the computer or phone memory of the power button functionality. Hence, proper diagnostics ensures that RAM is replaced in PCs and Laptops and that power buttons are replaced or their function enhanced.

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