Components to Consider When Buying an Office Copier

Managers who are considering purchasing new office copiers for an Everett, WA business, should keep in mind the needs of the company, including which of the office copiers under review will contribute optimally to work flow, usage, speed, capacity, and convenience. The following tips may be helpful in approaching the subject of purchasing office copiers for a small to mid-sized business.

Work-flow and Usage:

Office copiers in Everett, WA are available with a wide range of capacities and features and range in cost according to what isOffice Copier offered. It is important to choose a machine that can be integrated into your work flow rather than changes it and forces employee procedural routines to submit to its functionalities. For instance, a multi-functional copier that also includes printing, fax, and scanning may queue orders in an inconvenient manner if work flow demands exceed the machine ability to perform. Purchasing an office copier separate from the other functionalities may expedite work flow better.


In many cases, paying more for faster speeds is worth it, especially if you have a lot of volume regarding copies of documents being made or scanned and used in emails or other applications. Speed in this instance is indicated by how fast the original document can be scanned and copied.


One of the most time-consuming components of most copy machines occurs when you run out of paper, and whoever happens to be there is given the responsibility of refilling trays. Depending on the volume of usage and office needs, you may want a capacity that can hold a couple of reams of 8 x 11 size paper or multiple trays that can hold a variety of different sizes of paper. There are office copiers that have the capacity to hold up to ten reams of paper at once.


printerFeatures that make using an office copier more convenient to employees tend to enhance productivity and cut down on time-wasters. Document feeders that are automatic when hard copies are being scanned and copied are almost a necessity in today’s busy offices, preferable to laying down each page on the plate and closing it, one at a time. Many copiers also feature feeders that will copy both sides of a document automatically. Adding a finisher feature to collate documents once they are copied can also save a lot of time as long as employees are trained to use it. The downside occurs when employees are not sufficiently trained, and can waste hours trying to solve a problem as ultimately simple as a paper jam.