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A Buying Guide for a 17-Inch Laptop


There are different models and sizes of laptops to choose from. You should choose a device or model that meets all your specific needs and requirements. Some of the guiding factors that can help you in choosing the right laptop are battery life, operating system, colour, and RAM. Size is one of the factors that trump the other factors. This write-up is going to discuss the best models of 17-inch laptops.  You can choose the best device by reading reviews on the best 17-inch laptops in 2018. These devices are portable, and they can be used for many different purposes.

HP Envy 17

HP Envy 17 is a plain and simple model of a laptop that is known for its great hp envy laptopspecs. It is considered as the best alternative to the Apple’s MacBook, and it is relatively cheaper than the MacBook Pro. It comes with a 16 GB memory, 1TB hard drive and 1.6 GHz Intel Core. Design-wise, this model is a bit heavier than the MacBook by 6.75 pounds.

It comes with a sleek chassis made of magnesium and aluminum. In addition to this, this model comes with a large touchpad and a backlit keyword which is beautifully designed. HP Envy 17 has a gush-worthy display of 1920×1080 –pixels that gives it a spectacular look. Additionally, it has impressive built-in speakers. The only issue with this model is its short battery life.

HP’s 17-X116DX

This is a budget-friendly and portable device which has an outstanding performance. This PC has an i5 processor, 8GB RAM, a DVD/CD burner, and a 1 TB hard drive. Its DVD/CD burner can help you in burning different movies to sizeable hard drives. Its non-backlit keyboard and soft pads make it perfect for all-day typing. In addition to this, this device has a high-resolution display that includes high-quality imagery.

It has a high energy efficiency that helps it in maxihp laptopmizing its overall battery life. It has a total thickness of less than one inch and an average weight of 5.7 pounds. It is well designed to support high-speed data devices. In addition to this, this device has an HDMI port that gives it a high connectivity option. It can be connected easily to large monitors or displays.

ASUS VivoBook Pro

This device has great look and performance that almost surpasses that of the brand-new MacBook Pro. It is equipped with an 18 GB hard drive and a high-speed processor. It is super slim with an average thickness of about 0.8 inches, and it can slide easily into any briefcase. Also, it comes with a top-level output cable that makes it useful in transferring high-speed data.

Pros And Cons Of Using Hard Drive To Store Your Data

Hard Drive

Hard drives make up as part of the physical component of a computer. Hard drives can either be internally or externally located, their main function is storage of data. Internal hard drives make up the inbuilt computer memory whereas external hard drives are portable and are connected to the computer via the 2.0 or 3.0 USB port.


The pros of using hard drives are the storage capacity they have. Most internal hard drives have a range of 60 GB to 4 TB,connected to Hard Drive whereas external hard drives have capacities ranging from 250 gigabytes to 8 TB making hard drives to be one of the best options in case of local backups even for a large amount of data. It is also a very cost effective way of saving data.

Information stored in these hard disks are always accessible to the user; this is because once it is saved unless it is deleted, it’s always one click away. It is

In the case of damages due to unforeseen circumstances, hard drives can be easily replaced.

External hard drives are portable light and easy to carry. This makes them convenient for transferring data from one place to the other without much fuss; and since they can be connected to any computer via the USB port, makes them even more convenient as the data stored in them is readily available.


Hard DriveAn external hard drive, for instance, is an easily detachable device that can be seen and felt thus making it gullible to damage or theft. Finding a high-quality hard drive is hard, either for replacement of a worn out one in your computer or only looking to buy an external hard disk. This is due to the nature of the prices of similar hard drives but different manufacturers, some are too cheap while others are very expensive making it hard to choose which one is appropriate.

Hard drives use electric power to run thus information stored in them will only be available for use if there is power.

Hard drives like other computer accessories age and ultimately stop functioning. It makes storage of data in electronic gadgets risky because you do not know when they might stop working; If they unexpectedly stop functioning, all the information stored within them will be lost if they weren’t backed up on a different hard drive. This can prove to be costly and time ineffective in case the data stored in the hard drives were of utmost importance.