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Keeping The Internet Safe For Families

Did your child access the Internet yesterday? Do you know what he did when he was using it? Are your kids really Internet safe and does he follow the rules for Internet safety. Do you know or do you just assume he does? Thousands of children will be putting themselves at risk on the Internet today. Is your child one of these? Girls are often more at risk than boys because of the way they like to chat and because of their sex but boys can a risk too.The Internet has its disadvantages and advantages. You child can learn many important things on the internet as it makes the world a global village. The Blue Coat Systems will help you enhance your internet security. It is the cheaper source of information and it is very reliable. Below are tips to enhance safety when browsing.


Avoid privacy

man with laptopSome parents keep the computer in the bedroom or child’s room. This gives them enough privacy, and they can know when you come to room or how to escape from elders. Keep the computer in the living room where you can see the monitor and sites your child access.

Educate your children

You can help your kid or children to teach them how to search useful information and how it can help them in better study or career. You must tell them never to share their password with friends and personal details to strangers on the internet. Never respond to message that disturb …