Dashboard cameras have become a popular way that car owners are adopting to provide extra security for their cars, and also to record adventurous road trips. This is a new idea in the automotive industry and not many people are familiar with it. But the world currently is being driven by changes in technology, and thus many people will soon be flooding the dashboard camera market to acquire this unique gadget for their vehicles. Since the gadget is new in the market, choosing a good one that will best suit your need, will be a big challenge. Together with dashcam reviews the following are tips for choosing a dashboard camera for your car;


The size of the camera matters a lot depending on what duty you would like the camera to perforsport car m. For security purpose, a small and discreet cameras are always the best. This is because they are very easy to hide and place at strategic positions of the windscreen. Size also is determined by the size of your windshield. If you drive a car with a small windshield, you may hate a dashboard camera that is too large. Therefore, always consider size as a critical factor before you make any purchases.

Memory or storage capacity

This might be an issue that you may be interested in but may not be so relevant in many cases. But always ensure that the camera has a slot that allows for insertion of an SD card, because virtually, all models use an SD card. If you want to record for longer hours, or rather more than once, consider picking a model that automatically overwrites previously recorded videos once the card is full. Another solution is to carry with you many cards.

Consider the advanced features

Apart from sport car 2the basics, it is good to consider the advanced features. These features include; GPS which makes it possible to record speed and coordinates which can effectively help you keep tabs on your travel. Night vision- consider picking a camera that records quality images at night or in dark places.

Internal battery

Not all dashboard cameras usually come with internal batteries as they are hardwired to your car. But it is always good to consider picking a camera that has an internal battery as it will make it possible to monitor your car even when it is not running. This will give you an advantage of extended security.

If you are interested in buying a dashboard camera for your vehicle or even bicycle, consider the above tips before acquiring one.