Hoverboards became the hot product of the year in 2015 when they first hit the market. Even though they faced a few design issues, they have moved from strength to strength since their unveiling. After the introduction of the UL 2272 hoverboard certification by Underwriter Laboratories in 2016, the quality of these two-wheeled self-balancing scooters has improved considerably. In 2017, technological advancement led to the introduction of the off road hoverboards that can travel over any terrain including sand, mud, gravel, grass, and more. This expert hoverboards review will introduce to you the four best off road hoverboards in 2017.

A Review of Four Best Off Road Hoverboards 2017

Jetson V8 Off Road Hoverboard

hoverboard This state-of-the-art all terrain hoverboard boasts features that many standard hoverboards lack. The device is powered by 400 Watts Dual motors and features three different rider modes for easy riding and control. This off road hoverboard also has a compatible mobile app that can be downloaded to your mobile device to control the board while riding. Furthermore, the hoverboard comes with front and back LED lights for excellent visibility in the dark.

The Segway Mini Pro 10-Inch Off Road Hoverboard

Calling this device a hoverboard is a bit demeaning because it can perform more than a standard hoverboard. Apart from riding, you can also remote control the Segway mini pro with your phone. This hoverboard also comes with big 10-inch inflatable wheels, perfect for off road riding. The hoverboard is water resistant and comes with Bluetooth speakers. Additionally, the mini pro comes with a much wider and higher platform than any other hoverboard on the market.

Epikgo Off Road Hoverboard

hoverboard 2The Epikgo hoverboard features hard, large rubber wheels and a tough design that makes it ready for almost any element or terrain. Additionally, this hoverboard comes with a longer battery life of 10 to 12 miles compared to any other hoverboard on the market today. It also comes with a reliable Bluetooth connectivity, front and back LED lights for added visibility, 400 Watts dual motors, and a durable/ strong aluminum alloy body.

Halo Rover Off Road Hoverboard

This sleek hoverboard comes with 8.5-inch wheels, making it ideal for tackling any terrain including snow, sand, mud, gravel, and grass. The device comes with solid wheels alongside other amazing features, for instance, Bluetooth speakers, LED lights, and a mobile app. This off road hoverboard is also strong, durable, and comes with three different riding modes for easy traveling and control. What’s more? The mobile app reveals to you things like power, speed, mileage, and temperature.